Photo courtesy of Jenny Quicksall


my style

Hi - I'm Anya, a wedding photographer based in Los Angeles. My style is soft and romantic, and is heavily influenced by fine art photography. I believe it’s the little things in life that carry the most weight and I am on a hunt to catch them. My goal every step of the way is to photograph the magic during one of the most important days of my clients’ lives.

What inspires me

Light moves me the way music does for most. A ray of light through the leaves of an autumn tree can be absolutely breathtaking, while a soft reflection in the golden hour can guide an entire shoot. Old foreign movies often act as my supplementary muse - their experimental and often misunderstood nature is a treasure trove of ideas and alternative beauty.

Where did I come from

I grew up in Russia and moved to Los Angeles in my early teens. I went to college in Boston, where I developed my first roll of film in a brick dark room and fell in love with the process. I gravitate to all things old-school - mechanical clocks, film cameras, refurbished wood, and creaky furniture. I find a certain beauty in relics of a simpler time and aim to record the memories of today like selfies never existed!

Enough about me though, I want to hear about you! Drop me a line and let’s figure out how we can make some magic together.

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