The elegance and delicacy of being a woman is a breathtaking thing to appreciate and capture.

Hello gorgeous! It's time to embrace your inner sexy.

Boudoir sessions are my personal favorite because every woman deserves to be celebrated and adored. I find the elegance and delicacy of being a woman, of longing, passion and love, breathtaking and beautiful things to appreciate and capture. The boudoir experience is unlike any you've done before. It is truly empowering and will forever transform how you see yourself.

The sessions are for women of all shapes, ages and sizes. My studio is a safe place to simply be beautiful, and discard all of the insecurities and fears. I will coach you on all of the poses to bring out the best in you, which will empower you with confidence that will translate to the gorgeous photographs you will enjoy for years to come.  

I also offer group sessions, which are perfect for birthdays or bachelorette parties. Send me an email to find out more!