ANNIE & SAM - Engagement Session in Orange Circle, OC


I am shooting more and more engagement sessions every month, and continually ask myself - what makes a great image? Is it the composition, lighting and posing? Or is it the energy that is being captured? I don’t think there is a right and a wrong answer, as long as the couple has a good time  during the engagement session and enjoys their engagement photos.

What has always stood out the most for me is the chemistry that the two share, especially when they let go and let me capture the natural quirkiness of their relationship. Every couple is a bit shy in front of the camera at first. This eventually wears off and they let me document them being their true selves. Getting granted inside of their world is never easy but always extremely rewarding. A little bit of pre-session liquid courage sometimes helps. And, being a goof behind the camera doesn’t hurt either :) And these two managed perfectly well without during their engagement session!

Los Angeles Wedding Photography by Anya Kernes