Virginia & Young - Beautiful Engagement Session in Palos Verdes, CA


Virginia and Young wanted to head over to Palos Verdes for their engagement session, and I was really excited that they picked a location I haven't had a chance to explore much before. After shooting there, I am absolutely in love with this part of town! Virginia and Young often hang out here with family that visits out of town, so they knew all the cutest little nooks.

For their engagement session we went to 4 different locations. We started off in Malanga Cove Plaza, which in itself had so many different spots for photos. Then we headed off to Neighborhood Church, which is absolutely stunning! The mansion has an incredible ocean view and was build by J. J. Haggarty in 1927 as his summer residence. It is quite impressive and an absolute dream to shoot! We finished off the session by taking a few photos at the Bluff Cove and the Rat Beach. I had so much fun exploring with these two! Hope you enjoy this little peek into our adventures :) 

Fine art photography by Anya Kernes